I need clarifcation. Please read.

Hello all,

I’d like to introduce myself before asking a few questions that I’m unclear about. I’m 24, male from the Twin Cities. I’ve been reading a lot of Robert Kiyosaki books and playing his CASHFLOW games, and attended a few seminars.

I know there are many ways to invest in real estate, but to begin I want to start out small. I choose bird dog as a start up to help me with my financial situations be it low risk and requires no or little money.

How do I find these numbers for the investor?

      1. Asking Price (I know this one  :biggrin)
      2. Property Value
      3. Repair Costs
      4. Repair details
      5. Mortgage Balance (If applicable)
      6. Mortgage Payments (If applicable)
      7. Reason Why the seller is Selling! (I'll answer this one myself)
      8. Comparables
      9. PHOTOS (I should know this one)
      10. Full Address and contact INFO of Owner (And this too)

NOTE: Are there anything else that I need for a smoother transaction from seller to investor? Please fill in the blanks.

Thank you,


hey i finally found something i can answer.

Pretty much to find these numbers is to call and speak with the seller. Property vaule is usually on a estimate bases. by looking on a site like zillow.com to see what houses in that area sold for. repair cost- u can estimate it yourself but it’s best to have a handyman look at the property to draw up estimates. but i would still have a few thosand on for unexpected exp.
Mort. bal and payment—ask seller. comps site i know of one but there are many more out their
seller info- if u know the full name u can go to u’re property apprise site and search their name. also for POSSIBLE numbers google free people search

i hope this help