Well I’m still pretty knew to RE investing, started out last year and have done two wholesale deals since Ive really been working on it in the last 6 months or so. Now I would like to find a partner with cash to fund a few deals with. I don’t have much of my own money right now and wholesaling in my area is slow, but there are some really good deals out here, infact I have three that I’m considering getting on contract right now to wholesale, but Im apprehensive to wholesale because it’s difficult to get ahead just wholesaling off good deals for a few thousand dollars when I could be funding them with a partner. I would go with whatever split is fair between me and partner/partners I would just like to have some more experience and make a little more money than wholesaling. So whats a good way of finding partners like this? And hopefully someone that has a pretty broad range because I live in a smaller area of south eastern WA state. Anyways, words of advice? Thanks :bobble

Words of advice? Yes, don’t come to this or any other public venue asking for money while at the same time share your inexperience. Where’s the incentive for the guy with the money?!! Clean up your grammar so that your investors will respect your level of education and intelligence, have confidence in your deals, and make sure there are incentives commensurate with the risks for your investors.

One humble man’s opinion.


It’s a lot worse to try to pretend you are experienced when you aren’t. It’s better to admit it and ask for help.

I don’t have partners, but I can’t see any reason that a hard working beginner with a bit of talent wouldn’t be worth working with. It would all depend upon how hard the beginner was willing to work.

I sure wouldn’t be interested in a beginner who thought that they could get into a deal where I’d make lots of money for them while they stood around and watched.