i need bird dog info

hi im craig, i am just testing the waters here, as ive said before ive been interested in this industry for some time, but i have absolutely no clue where to start…from what i can gather bird dogging seems to be the best way to get my feet wet…now i just need to find reference material on how to get started…of course unless someone else has a better place to start
please help!!!
thank you all for your time and consideration

Howdy Craig:

If I were just starting out as a birddog I would buy Johns book on birddogging. I do not have a copy but have heard from many investors that it is great and considered the bible of birddogging.

I believe that birddogging is in fact the best way to start and learn. Hopefully you can help another investor find a good deal and they can help you learn how they do the deals.

Hi Ted,
Nice to meet you! I just discovered this site. When you say John’s book in response to Craig are you talking about John Locke?


Hi ted,

check out Barry Grimes articl “how to get started” under birdogging section of this site…

Eager2 learn

oops…I meant craig not ted…

craig check out the article you’ll be glad you did
and also check out bird dogging 101…nice formula on doing comps

I am currently working through RE Jobbing 101 by Barry J. Grimes and I am seeing great results. I am now looking for more investors to work with in Phoenix, AZ as this course has walked me into a positions of absolutley believing I can do this. The steps are deliberate, practicle and develop measurable results. It’s worth taking a look at. :o

hi craig,
agree with teds advice on the cashes book on bdogen, he does good work!
have fun,

oh, plus read all the free acticles on all the sites the discuss the bdog topic