I need an option to buy contract please

Hello, I am in need of an option contract. I would rather something simpler so as not to scare sellers away but enough to protect myself. Thanks, and the more the better so I can see which ones will fit my needs. Im looking to sell it to an investor.

When you write option contract, are you referring to a Pure Option to Purchase, a lease option, an option assignment, etc? Lots of variables, depending upon the deal and your position in it.
Check out Carbonare over at The Naked Investor. He probably has the agreements you need.


I always love my fellow investors that want to advocate seperating you from your hard earned money, it never cease's to amaze me how many investors have the mind set that you should pay, pay, pay as our fellow investors could step up and make an offer to help, for free!!!!

Send me your e-mail address by PM (Personal Message) and I would be happy to send you what you need for free!!! Let me know what type’s of “Option Forms” you need???


Is thier a posibility I can get a copy to GoldRIVER :biggrin

Is thier a posibility I can get a copy to GoldRIVER

As he said in his previous post, send him a PM

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