I need advice on an abandoned property

I ran across an abandoned property in a very nice neighborhood. It obvisously needs some repairs but has been boarded up to keep people out, so that may have lessened the damage. The neighborhood is a very good selling suburban neighboorhood. Since there were a couple of other homes for sale of this type in the vicinity, I drove by and picked up their flyers to get a price estimate. It seems they are going for the 107,000 to 109,000 range. These are typically 3 bed, 1 bath ranch homes. Questions:

  1. Where do I begin as far as approaching an abandoned property deal?

  2. What is the process of trying to get enough info. on an abandoned property to either bird dog it or wholesale it?

I am going to look on our county website to see if I can find the last owner info. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I’m sure thiis has the possibility of being a good money deal. I’ll try to swing by and speak to some of the neighbors. They may be more than happy to give info. that may lead to this house being fixed up and occupied again.

I am already doing this with a property that I have found. If you look in the rehabbing forum you will see “Misadventures in Rehabbing” where I am cronicling everything I am doing to locate the owner. Hope this helps.

Your first step should be to check the property tax records and than perform a title search on the subject property to review any encumbrances.

You should also check to see if the property has been condemned by the city as this could adversely affect you ability to take control the property.

Contact the owner once you locate their contact information will determine if you have a motivated seller.

johnmicheal (or any other knowledgable persom ),
I am a letter carrier and i see vacant house all the time in good neighborhoods. some need major work but some look as if they may not need much work. i ran a search on some of them only to find out that the housing authority in my city owns quite a few. can these house be bought if their owned by the city?

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I would advise against getting a title search on a property you might not even get.

Make sure it is property you are going to get first!!!

i didnt run a complete title search. i went to to the tax accesors website where i can find out who owns what proprty for free. :slight_smile: