I need a job! Suggestions?

I just bought my 1st investment property in Mississippi and graduated with a degree in Economics and Finance last month. Im located in San Diego and have a Real Estate License but no real job prospects. What would be a good job so that I could learn more about real estate investing or just the industry in general? Im really lost, a staffing company set me up an interview with a 1031 exchange company doing database work :blah: Any suggestions?

stick to the 1031 company. you’ll learn valuable info.

or you could become a loan officer and make 1% off every loan you make. lets see…median price house in SD is 500k, so thats 5k/house.
can you do 2-3 a month?

Thats what a few of my good friends do and they make anywhere from 2000 avg./month to the other who made 105,000 in commisions by the end of March this year at age 24 and just bought a multi-million dollar home in Del Mar. I really don’t want to do sales; especially since the refi’s are drying up and there are so many Loan Officers now to compete with. I guess Ill interview for the 1031. :shrug: Any other suggestions?

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