I need a cheaper email blasting service

I’m paying $20 a month to send out 10000 emails with streamsend. Does anyone know of a service with a lower rate?

I think $19 for 10,000 is a very good price. I use icontact because I really like th efeatures and it would cost much more for 10,000 I would’nt spend too much time trying to save $5 bucks a year or so.

$20 seems pretty cheap to me?

if you have your own site, you may want to consider adding a email program on your site. for example, interspire.com gives their software for one time cost of about $400, no monthly payments and you can send out unlimited emails.

Ravinder Tulsiani, President
REClub - Real Estate Investment Club Canada

Yes, 20 bucks is cheap, i want to change from icontact… i wonder how effective is your email campaign with those other guys. I know i contact has one of the best response rates.

I use www.aweber.com and it’s only $13.96 per month for their premium service (includes analytics).

I use Gammadyne… The cost is pretty cheap and it’s only a one time fee. The software run on a server and it works really well… Here is the link: http://gammadyne.com/mmail2.htm