I made a bad choice in one of my craigslist ads - Let me know what you think.

I used 2 pictures - one of which I took with my camera of the front of a house, and the back with my cell phone. It was listed with a local realty, and it’s a foreclosed property. I got a call from (I think) the broker, yelling at me. I was so flustered and bent out of shape - scared to say. I gave him 2 different answers both of which hardly any of it was the truth. After that I felt bad, but I didn’t call him back and one of the re agents from the same agency call me back from their main number but I didn’t answer it.

I didn’t know I would get such a bad reaction, and I hope they don’t prosecute me or anything like
that. So, I deleted the pics from the ad, changed the price on the listing, changed the title of the listing, changed my cell phone number on the listing to my google voice number, and that’s about it.

Out of the ad, I have a couple normal people who have cash that aren’t investors, and one who is pre-approved. I’ve got 2 who are actually investors and they both want deals. I hope to get some for one of them if not both. I don’t know what I’m looking to get out of this post, but I felt like sharing my experience. Thanks & have a great week. :cool


 You have to actually have an excepted contract on a property before you can turn around and offer it to a third party!!!!!! Or market it to a third party!!!!

The broker probable thought your trying to market the property without a license?

When you run an ad, either run it without any photo’s or an address or make sure you control the property with a contract!!!


If you were just looking to build a buyers list do what I did, went online and found a picture of a house at random. I used one that was kind of obscure that looked like one that might be from my area. Looked ok from the outside but said the interior needed tons of work and offered it for a little less than ARV. I think the chance of someone seeing it who knows it, is almost nil. I also changed the name of the file so it didnt have an address in it. I got a TON of calls. Compared to not having a picture the difference was drastic.


So…you blatantly lied and posted false information to “build a buyers list”? As a cash buyer I do detailed due diligence on any house I’m interested in and I suppose most serious investors do the same. This would almost assuredly uncover your scam and it would be the last time I ever considered dealing with you. One lie usually means there are more lies to come.


Jmd, are you saying its wrong to put an ad up looking for buyers to build a list? Because every single forum on the net has experienced investors telling people to do just that. I didnt post an address or anything else for someone to do any due diligence on, just a bread and butter description of a property, and my email address. When I got a reply I told them that property was gone, and asked what they were looking for so I could add them to my buyers list. Every single one of them was ok with it and WANTED me to put them on my list. So, again, what did I do wrong? How was I using this to deceive and hurt somebody?

By the way, I use ads that specifically say I need cash buyers as well, and another for tenant buyers. I use it all. Im far from a “liar”, and I conduct myself with the highest regard for everyone involved.

It is not wrong to place an ad looking to build a buyers list. It is wrong to place a deceptive ad and it IS deceptive…you placed an ad for a property that didn’t exist. If that’s not deceptive, what is? It is a lie. It may not have hurt anyone but it is telling about your character. As I noted earlier… One lie usually means there are more lies to come.


I think well have to agree to disagree on this. I totally agree that you cant be deceptive in this game, but I disagree that putting an ad on cl to help build a buyers list says anything about someones character

(grin) get lots of ads around here selling foreclosures with a photo that could absolutely no way be any house in this area. Style of house is all wrong and vegetation won’t grow here.

I just assume they are cheats and scammers. Probably spammers, too.

If you ran photos of my house with an ad that said it was some sort of bargain foreclosure, I’d reach through the phone and rip you a new one for announcing to the world, in print, that I don’t pay my bills-- which is a total lie.

I’ve had agents put for sale signs on property I own. I assume trying to rope in some buyers. The signs went to the dump. so that cost the agent some cash as well as a phone call from me, cursing them out.

Thanks for the advice, guys. It was an accident and I didn’t think it would do any harm. I won’t every do that again. :anon

The technique your discussing is commonly referred to as bait and switch. It is unethical and really is just insulting to an intelligent person who knows the area and the market as some people have already said.

As an alternative to this deseptive practice why not simply post an ad proclaiming what you do and the service you provide. at the end of the day thats what your doing anyway once someone calls or emails. you simply give them a lame excuse about the property they call you on and get their contact info for a future real property you might come up with.

I would contact every bird dog in my area if they just posted a simple and honest ad explaining their services. At the end of the day I will only do business if the deal makes sense, everybody wins.