I’m Tired of Paying Retail for Apartment Buildings – How Do I Find Birddogs

I’ve been buying apartment buildings for several years now, mainly thru a few realtors I know. While I only buy if there is an anomaly (low rents, cosmetic repairs, relatively low price, etc.), I’m tired of paying near retail.

I know there must be multi-family birddog’s that can lead me to wholesale deals. I just don’t know how to find them. I’ve thought of contacting some of the “We Pay Cash” guys on Craigslist, hoping they’re occasionally contacted by apartment owners. But I suspect there are better ways. Do any of you have some suggestions? Thanks.


Why not make unsolicited offers to the Apartment Owners. Purchase an up to date list for any area and start sending them offers to purchase. I am sure you could find several without much trouble.

Other than that you will prob. need to contact a local REI Club in an area that you are looking to purchase them.

Richard Stephens

Thanks Steve. You answered another question I wanted to ask about. I guess I’ll hijack my own thread.

How specific can I be? Ideally, I’d ask for than name and address of the owners of all 8 to 50 unit buildings between particular streets.

Do I receive the names and addresses (labels or electronically?), or do I provide pre-printed letters or postcards and have them addressed and mailed?

In your experience, what direct mail media works best? Letters, postcards, hard candy or pens in a letter, etc.?

In your experience, what message works best?



You can be very specific with the way I do them. For instance if you wanted them by metro area, amount of revenue per year, city state, county, etc. could be done.

Get them in almost any format you want.

Richard Stephens