I"m normally not a shy person

Hi, I am a new investor living in the bay area of California (Right in the middle of sacramento and san fransico). I’ve kinda got this little problem… I don’t know if it is the location I live in and the price of properties out here that makes people like this, but I have encountered several people that are really negative towards the idea of being able to invest in real estate with no money down… I’ve been discourged by many people (mainly family) and so I’ve become really shy when it comes to talking to anyone bout REI.
I’m 20 years old, and I haven’t talked to a single real estate agent or anyone yet because I’ve got this crazy feeling that their gonna think I’m crazy or something. I don’t have any credit, I just opened my first bank account like a month ago, I have no money of my own to invest but I do have potential family/friends with money that will lend me money depending on deal.
So basically all that I’m askin’ for here is a little advise on how I can just get over my silly little fear so I can move forward with my investing. I’ve never had any career motivation before I started learning about real estate, and I really am motivated to make this work for me, I’m just a little afraid that I may be making an ass out of myself when it comes to approching experienced investors/realtors.
Thanks for reading!! :anon:


The family you speak of… are they wealthy and living a wonderful life? If not then pay no attention to them and make no further mention of what you are learning to do that they never did. If the family taht are willing to help have said anything to the fact that you can’t do it then don’t bother with them either for help until you can do a few things on your own. It might cause bad things to happen amongst family members.

True at 20 you can’t buy a home like the average every day person, but look in here and else where on the internet regarding REI, wholesaling houses, what makes a deal a deal, etc. It CAN be done. Otherwise all those “I BUY HOUSES” signs wouldn’t be up anywhere.

Screw what everyone else thinks. You can get past all that negativity and persevere. You should educate yourself on REI before you start taking any big steps. Check into OWC financing, I am in your same position and that seems to be a good starting point. MY goal is to start of with rental properties to get a positive CASH FLOW. What did you have in mind? Do you have any ideas I would love to hear them. The sky is the limit!

Not to say rental houses are not the way to go or anything, but here is how I look at it…

With holding on to real estate you are admitting there will be months that you will have to pay the mortgage, pay to repair things that break and plenty of other little expenses I prolly don’t know about.

In lieu of holding on to rental properties as a new investor try finding deals to where you don’t have to have ANY CASH and NO CREDIT and make $2,000 - $5,000. The way you do that is to find out all the various way investors buy properties at deep discounts. Once you can do that and know what is a deal and waht is not. You use the power of your signature to hold the property while you call all those “I buy houses” signs and say hey for $3,000 I will give you this contract I have to buy this home that is worth $75k after $10k repairs for only $30k.

Read more and the last sentence above will make more sense on how things are done whoelsaling houses or bird dogging.

Okay, ya see I’m really not looking for just one sure shot way of making a profit. At first I was thinking of buying apartments and rentals, but like you were saying abel I’m really not in a position where I can be paying for empty houses. On the other hand I was thinking of buying fixer upers and fixing them up myself. My boyfriend is currently working for an investor doing just this only he ain’t really reapin’ any benefits if ya know what I mean… Also the guy he works for told me that he would give me $2000 for every lead I give him that he buys. I bought Carletons Sheets course so I know what kind of info I will need to provide him. I was thinking this could be a good way of generating some cash and experience without diving right into anything.
Abel you mentioned wholesaleing, I really don’t know anything in that area but I am always open to any ideas. can you give me any advise as to what books I might want to take a look at on wholesaleing and bird dogging?
Thanks for the replies and encouraging words guys!!