I love hispanic tenants!!

I really do! Just got an apartment back today. They didn’t pay rent this month, normally they pay on the 1st. I knocked on the door, sounded very hollow inside. Opened it up with my key, and the place is spick and span with my keys sitting on the counter. The only piece of trash in the whole place is a phone book. They probably thought it belonged to the apartment, not them! Best things is, no forwarding address for the deposit. I already have people coming tommorrow to look at it! That is how you turn a 500 dollar a month unit into a 1000 dollar for one month unit!

That is a pretty big leap to assume the tenants were illegal aliens. I suppose if the term hispanic was not in the original post then no comment would have emerged. Having said that wouldn’t it be a great world for landlords if all tenants were so respectful of our properties?

As a hispanic, I didn’t like that comment. Hispanic does not = illegal. Only illegal = illegal.

It’s not smart to generalize a race into a certain stereotype. Although hispanic isn’t a race, we both know what you meant.

Back to the subject at hand. I’ve had hispanics leave my places looking like shit, while others leave it in good condition. I’ve had all races as tenants, I only discriminate against the dirty looking people.

The only color that matters to me in this business is green. If you discriminate, regardless of your morals, your going to lose potential $$, through lost rent or a lawsuit. It’s just bad business.

One thing that I do is after the prospective tenant fills out the application and they pass the screening process, I tell them I need them to fill out the lease and give me the money to hold the unit. I tell them I will drop by with the lease agreement and to pick up their deposit at their present residence. I do that because my place will look like where they are living now in 3 months. I want to know that before they get in. I guarantee they cant’ clean up enough in the 2 days lead time you give them to hide being trashy.

This is not dependant on Hispanic, Black, Asian or white. You know that Hispanic can be Mexican, Guatemalan, Puerto Rican, Cuban, etc. They are not all the same. It is like Asians can be Koreans, Japanese, Vietnamese, etc and Blacks can be Hispanic, African, Caribbean, etc.

I would say that the determination depends more on family than race. I find that if a person is trashy, all his relatives are trashy also. No matter what race he is. It is how you were raised not what blood is in your veins.

One day you’ll get charged with racial discrimination. :biggrin


Please keep your remarks like that to yourself…there is no place for it here and we don’t tolerate it.

Keith Hastedt

I deal with a lot of hispanics (by that, I mean people who were born in Mexico and may or may not be here legally) … they’re all over Dallas. They are a great set of people … they usually are Christian, have good family values, and are willing to work 6-7 days a week to pay their bills doing ANY type of hard work. It’s a rare day you see any homeless hispanics/Mexicans around Dallas, but you see plenty of white & black homeless people. I have nothing but respect for them.

Regarding those racist remarks — I think it’s dumb to be racist when it comes to business. It’s VERY dumb when it comes to housing…as you can get your butt sued right and left.

Freedom of speech is guaranteed in public. A website is not a public forum, it’s a privately run property, with a unique address on the web. Would you stop someone from holding KKK meetings in the front yard of one of your properties?

Even YouTube restricts it’s content. They have an entire page devoted to what you cannot show: http://www.youtube.com/t/community_guidelines?locale=en_US

Not all people who speak Spanish are illegal, even if it is their sole language.


We encourage free speech and defend everyone's right to express unpopular points of view. But we don't permit hate speech (speech which attacks or demeans a group based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, and sexual orientation/gender identity).

Discrimination based on race, gender, nationality, etc… is an illegal business practice. I have met english-speaking hispanics who flat out told me they don’t have their “papers” when they have applied to my day job. And I have personally known of immigrants who had work visa/residency permits who speak little or no english. So the theory of “if they don’t speak english, then you know they are not legal” is not valid in my experience. I know I can’t be the only one to see something like this.

This is a good real estate community which I’m sure has diverse members of all types posting & reading threads including this one. You offering your opinion or statement (or maybe advice?) that you try not to rent to a certain race or nationality is one that that does not help others on this site that look for useful info around here.

Well Dang, with what you’re saying and the way you write, you don’t sound like you know very good english. Your grammar is pretty bad.

The way you write is probably the way you speak, kinda chopped up. Are you an illegal??

But i’m not racist, so i’ll rent to you. :slight_smile:

You have the right to express your opinion - you do not, however, have the right to break federal law or to espouse it here as ‘the right thing to do’. The Fair Housing Act is very specific and I suggest that you brush up on it a bit before you go any farther in the Real Estate world. It is extremely difficult to effectively manage a Real Estate business from federal prison…just sayin’.

On top of it being illegal, it’s just plain wrong…prejudice is born largely out of ignorance.



What happened with you is quite sad. What I feel is that if you are staying in a particular house, you are representing your entire community. I would suggest you, that next time please consult to some property dealers in this respect before giving your house for rent.