I love craigslist for appliances!!!

I got a 20 dollar fridge that is twice as better as the one in my own house, it’s huge with an ice maker would barely fit in my mobile home door. I have picked up good ranges from free to 30 bucks from people who have upgraded the kitchen and just want it gone. I got a storage shed I put them in (50 bucks a month) until I need them.

Just some advice for those doing rentals.




I got 2 free fridges the other day from the appliance center guys doing in a delivery in my neighborhood. Went and asked them what they were going to do with and if I could have 1. They told me to take both. I also found out that the local big box retailer takes them back to store and puts them out back with the rest of the trash. So when I need more I might try that route.

Wow! I just checked our local craisglist and found tons of great prices on appliances! Great idea! Thanks!

That is a very good idea. Heck, I’ve seen a $15 fridge, $20 dishwasher and free stove… If a tenant rips the fridge door off or trashes the stove top…who cares? LOL

Don’t just limit it to appliances…Craigslist has building materials such as windows, doors, roof shingles, etc.

And tools…chainsaws, jackhammers, sheetrock lifts, drill presses, etc.

It’s a Landlord and house renovator’s dream… :bobble

It’s not just for bottom end appliances or materials either. I’ve purchased brand new Anderson windows, marble tile, granite countertops, and stainless steel appliances (new and used) from craigslist, all at substantial discounts.

I approach craigslist the same way I approach buying a property, If I can;t get it at a substantial discount, (around 50% - 60% of retail) I simply don’t buy and move on the next seller.


Glad I can help, with the rentals I own, I gotta assume they are going to destroy/steal the appliances. But without them they are hard to rent. It’s a lot easier to deal with a stolen fridge when you only paid 20 bucks.

I got about 1000 SF of VCT for 100 dollars from a commercial contractor. I’m pretty sure it was left overs that was already paid for by the customer, I talked him down from 250 dollars without a flinch. I am starting to like this stuff better than carpet. Defiantly better than linoleum in the kitchens and bathrooms, and not any harder or more importantly expensive to lay. I’m thinking about laying it on an entire 1200 SF house I just bought a few days ago.

What seems to work on craigslist from my experience, are the heavy hard or impossible to ship items that are used. Don’t expect to pick up a new in the box GPS for your truck at a good price!

What is VCT?..Haven’t heard of that before…

Nevermind…Just Googled it…

I bought a dryer last week on graigslist last week for $50 and found $6.00 in spare change when I was cleaning the lint out of the bottom of it! net $44. Sweet! :bobble

Another cheap place for tools is your local pawn shop. Tools are probably the MOST stolen thing on planet earth. Contractors and contruction workers are also apt to run short on cash and pawn their tools when times get tight. With them it’s either feast or famine and when famine strikes it’s often time to sell some stuff.

I got my last tenant from an ad in Craig’s List. A couple from Baltimore wanted to relocate to Charlotte. In fact, I got 2 other calls from the same add from people who are interested in the project I’m working on now. The ad says “for information on this home and others, please call…”.

And it’s free advertising :biggrin

I agree, Frankster, it is a great place to advertise rental vacancies. You might consider making a free ad on www.postlets.com and then posting a link or the html into your craigslist ad.