I live in florida .I have 2 questions about REI.

1 I want to know if there are any good mentors local and or can anybody recomend one
2 what do all of you think about Armando Montelongo is his system valid ?
Any info would be very much apreciated I am tring to invest again in this market and do not want to make stupid mistakes :banghead I am sorry I live In Brooksville Florida Which is just about 25 miles north Of Tampa I am A lic. state contractor and in the bubble flipped a few Homes but with this market I want to get some sound advise. I took Armandos Montelongo’s ReI coarse and learned alot but need way more knowledge to be sucessful Please any help would be very apreciated


When you say a local in Florida your refering to a large state, one that takes hours and hours to go from Pensacola to Jacksonville and jacksonville to Tampa and from Tampa to Miami!

Please give us a city in order to help you?

  1. Don’t know where in FL you are located, but I know Carbonare is in Florida. I worked with Michael and highly recommend him. PM me for info or you can visit his website at www.naked-investor.com

  2. He’s not a mentor, he’s Russ Whitney II. :bs

your not far from Springhill FL?? Market crashed there. Probably find some great deals