I laughed reading this ad but what do you guys think


I’ve never gotten into any mobile home investing. But I clicked on this ad today and was quite humored by the posting. Thoughts on it?

Also and kinda more importantly does this look like a potentially lucrative deal? Like I said I’ve never done mobile home deals before but i’m always looking for fun new niches.


LOL. No shock that his name is Junior.

He forgot to mention “garden of eden” in his post…what to you do with the lawn mower? It’s like here, spring/summer is currently scheduled for 2 hours on July 15th.


That mower was probably that guy’s sole means of transportation. There was a guy where I grew up who lost his license b/c of too many DUIs so he just bought a lawnmower to get around on.

I saw some people stopped for a traffic violation on the show Speeders while riding a mower. The guy driving was the designated driver, the 2 on the trailer were drunk.

Justin I can top that. The DUI guy around my (red)neck of the woods got ticketed on his mower. herbster