i know this is a rei site but....

What other type of investments do you have or would like to get into? My dream is to one day own or be co owner of a resort in the Dominican Republic i would also like to own a restaurant even though i hate working in the food business myself i love the business side of it, i could go on forever on thing i would like to start up or invest in what are some of your ideas?

Well, other than the usual stock portfolio stuff that I have, I had thought of the food industry. That scares me too much to really pursue, though - too little profit margin and lots of risk.
We had thought either a coffee shop, or a bagel shop - not actually running it so much as being the investors.

There are so many different avenues to work with in real estate, you could build a whole portfolio with things related to that.

Car washes, real estate, and storage units…the key is a hands off source of income…

I’ll come visit your resort, though.