I know of two mobile home parks for sale

Anyone familiar with the issues involved in buying an entire mobile home park?

not personally, but it sounds like you’re just buying land with lots of tenants.

What state are you looking to buy in?

Yeah lots of issues. Besides looking at a cash flow analysis…How many homes are owned and not rented? Who pays for utilities? How is the septic (this could be a big mistake if not caught)? Is there room for expansion? Property management? What about electric? Has it been updated? This is a commercial deal so what type of financing can you get?


I know the ends and outs…

Cmon Jason, You’re better than that.

<<Cmon Jason, You’re better than that.>>

Actually, some days he’s not…he does know better than to make “contact me” post, though 'cause we’ve already had that discussion…

And…BTW it’s “ins and outs”, not “ends and outs”…and we get “fringe benefits”, not “French benefits”…


and we get "fringe benefits", not "French benefits"...

They really aren’t French? :anon:

Nope…not French.


Keith, you know my sense of humor… I’m not surprised you caught that.

What is the best way to find a buyer for a mobile home park that needs work but ‘has potential’ as the seller says? Thanks, Carol