I just found an amazing way to find sellers!!!!!

Hi, i actually was looking for houses that i could sell to my buyers list and i ran into a way to find sellers that sells houses 40-60 below market value, works every time:

I first went to FSBO websites to see if any houses were on sell for below market value, but all the homes that keep coming up were all on or above market value. so what i did was i type my city/county and then i search for houses that were 30miles away from where i lived, then i sorted them out by prices.
What i found were houses that were on sell for like 10k or 20k and i looked these houses up on zillow.com to see that there worth 70k+. I called the contact number and all these houses were for sell was by WHOLE SALERS!! i thought to myself JACKPOT!!
So then i realized that these are experiences sellers that have lots of houses to assign with no buyers list. So it looks like this(house, there contract assigned to you, then you assign to your buyer), and something that i learned was that i can assign contracts that they have for assignments. :slight_smile:
So in conclusion, by using this technique that worked amazingly(found 6-7 lifetime garunteed sellers in 10mins) for me i didnt really find motivated sellers, but i found wholesalers that would love for me to assign these contracts to my end buyers list, so they get there 5-10k assignment fee and you get your 5-10k and the buyer gets his house(maybe even more)!!!
Let me no if you got any questions.

How are you able to get an assignment fee its already on contract with somebody else

Yes I know all about this I use flex options for this strategy.

To answer your question devin,
I thought the same thing when i was talking to the first wholesaler. But what i learned was that you can do 2, 3 , as many assisgnments that is needed before an end buyer. As long as you get your deal.