I just found a...

I was looking through my garage and i found a Carlton Sheets REI package that my parents bought like 5 years ago, but never opened. I opened it and theres like 20 audio tapes, 5 VCR tapes, and a binder full of information.

Anybody ever purchased this, what are your thoughts on how he does his Real Estate?

There are probably more successful real estate investors that started with Carleton Sheets than any other program. That is how I started and I think it is an excellent beginner’s course. Why don’t you complete it and let us know what you think?

Good Luck,


I second Mike’s suggestion.

The first course I bought was Carleton Sheets’ “No Down Payment” ( the black course). Even after I had been investing for several years, I bought Carleton Sheets’ green course just to see the updated material.

I have a 12 disk audio CD set, cost me about $14 including shipping from Ebay. I knew a lot already so I didn’t learn a ton but its a good beginner course and I do believe what I did learn was worth the $14 spent.

Other than books, only “guru package” I bought was the NDP.