Im trying to be a real estate investor the only problem is that im only 19 i’ve done the russ whitney program and i learned a little more then what i already knew. But the problem is by me being only 19 i can’t get a loan because i dont have established credit…NO CREDIT!!! so if anybody knows how to start off with know credit or where to go reply to this form THANKS


I am sorry to hear everyone bad mouth an Educator.

Why are you blaming Russ Whitney for your lack of success.

His methods are not some secret. There are only 169 ways to buy property and only one takes cash.

What effort and steps did you take?

Saying " I don’t have any money" is just a poor excuse for not trying.

If you are looking for a Get rich quick Scheme or some magic answer, the truth is there is not one.

You need to get a mentor and a support network like I did and follow the same path they took to be a success.

Expect Success

Wallace Hobbs

i’m not blaming russ whitney im just saying i wasted money on the program. i’m not lookin for a get rich quick scheme i’m lookin 2 start a career in real estate investing. A J.OB. just isn’t for me. the only steps i have taken are applyin for loans and i also went 2 a grant conference that i think would help me.

Why do you feel you wasted money on the program?

I know several folks who have made a LOT of money using his techniques.

I feel you need a mentor like I had to help me get started.

RE investing is Hard work, do not let anyone lie and tell you different.

If it was easy everybody would be doing it.

Go do the work and get a deal. Bring the deal to another investor and partner up with him or her. This will get ya started!

Find someone who will partner with ya to make the deals happen.

I just took one of the kids around here (20 yrs) and am teaching him. He has no credit and no money. He got a deal tonight (not a lot of money) but it will be a good start for him. I have the money - he found the house - gonna split the profits.

See how easy it is. Yes its EASY but it takes alot of work and alot of no’s for each deal,…but persistance pays off. Just keep at it. He probably received 25-30 no’s before he got this one. Don’t give up!

Good Luck

Yes… dont give up… when you find the deal… the money will come to you. First you need to know what a good deal is.


if you can find a good deal you need to ‘wholesale’ it.

you put it under contract and then asign the contract to another investor in return for CASH.

you don’t need credit or much money for this.

curtisharveyIII, you are definetly on the right track by asking questions and kudos at such a age. Russ Whitney lives literally in my back yard, and while his program is no secret he packages it in a way that is marketable. RE is a personal commitment and requires personal diligence to find the best investment that work for you under your current circumstance. Keep plugging away, there are alot of really great people that will lend a hand. That is what helps perpetuate the market! Good luck to you and keep up the good work…

They’re is a Broker out there who can get you a loan, just keep shopping. Or you can always find a seller who can provide seller financing.

I bought my first property (a duplex) with no money down. You need to find a fixer-upper that you will live in, lots of lender’s out there for OWNER occupied properties - even a 19 year old! Then you can get a HELOC to do more deals.

I’d place an ad in your paper - 19 year old looking to buy his first house with little cash. I’ll need a duplex (or 4 plex or whatever) that needs work. Call xxx-xxxx

Im 19 also but I refuse to let that stop me from succeeding in real estate investing. Im going to start out wholesaling, build some capital and move on to retailing and foreclosures, all while I attend college. Then once I graduate, I will began to think about the long term and buy properties to own and create a positive cash flow. My age is the LEAST of my concerns

Hey Curtis:

I’m going to be less aggressive as some of the respondents. I think it’s great that your starting so young. I’m 42 and I’ve just been investing for two years, so keep your chin up and stay focused and positive. Try the lease option route first. Get your feet wet by putting down a couple of thousand dollars, lease it out to another lease option tenant ( getting THEIR option money for the property) and slowly move your way through it. You can do several of these in a short period of time.

Education is the key. I have about 75 books and tape programs on REI and every one has helped me. I still have a ton to learn though. Websites and talk forums like these are invaluable.

                        Much Success!

                                          Johnny Mac

Also it wouldn’t be a bad idea to hold a job through your first couple of deals or until your property is pulling in enough money to support your living standards. The JOB would also look good on all loan applications.

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