i have over 100 tenant/buyers and im struggling

i advertised 7 properties online that i have under a 90 day non exclusive option and ive accumulated over 100 tenant/buyers looking to take over payments and have 3% - 5% just in the month of august! now im seriously overwhelmed and im continuing to get a back log of tenant/buyers emailing me, filling out my forms and filling up my voicemail box. i have a day job in computers full time and my time is very limited after hours between my wife and returning phone calls/emails.

i have no problems making my full price offers, getting options signed, getting tenant/buyers, educating, talking to people, networking etc. i am not struggling with any of these since ive already jumped over these hurdles.

my main struggle right now is matching up at least 1 of 100+ tenant/buyers that i have with a suitable property that i dont have under contract yet. im in southern california and most of us have bad fraudulent loans and high payments which makes them unmarketable for take over. im offering homeowners to do loan modifications to cut the payments nearly in half to make it more doable for one of my tenant/buyers to take over the new lower monthly payments. however i dont have time to do these as well! i started going to work 2 hours earlier so i can free up some time to work on my weaknesses.

so this is my paradox im facing and im not quitting. persistence and stumbling forward would help me jump over this hurdle and close my first creative deal.

ive educated my tenant/buyers and made them my bird dogs to retrieve me properties they’d like to live in and own sometime in the future. this way i can leverage their time and just make full price offers to agents or FSBO’s

basically i dont have good infrastructure to handle follow ups, phone calls, and consistently making offers. this is what im fixing so i can progress and move forward towards getting these deals done.

any suggestions from experienced investors on how to match up tenant/buyers with properties? remember i have way more tenant/buyers than properties that are available for lease to own.

also how do you address the “fear of success?”

I’d say just use a datebook to keep your schedule in order, and maybe use an email/fax blasting service to communicate any new to all of your prospective T/B’s at once.

You might want to figure out some way to weed out any unqualified leads when you first talk to them, or rank them on how qualified they are and how well their needs mesh with what you have to offer?

Hope that helps.