I have cash, but no credit!

Ok so I do not actually have a credit score (at least i didnt 2 months ago). i have just never been in debt. i opened a credit card 2 months ago and have been paying it off in full every month to establish good credit.

i do have cash and i am currently looking at a lot of SFHs and duplexes in my area. i plan to pay anywhere from 25k-50k all cash.

my question is: how hard will it be to refinance that property to fund the next one? do they take into consideration the cash flow from the rental? how about my short, but good, credit history? does my having paid cash for a home hold any weight?

thanks so much!

no credit is better than bad credit,

go sit down with a mortgage broker or banker (or several of each) and explain your situation, don’t want until you need to pull cash out to talk to them, do NOT allow each of them to pull your credit, have one person pull your credit and take it to the others, the last thing you need is a bunch of inquiries.

A good mortgage broker (or banker) can give you guidance on getting your credit where it needs to be, but it doesn’t happen overnight