I have active cash buyers but no inventory

Hi guys. Am new here, so I hope am not breaking any rules. Over the last couple of months I have invested my time and effort into learning how to find cash buyers. I discovered some cool and clever ways of getting cash buyers actively calling me for deals which I tested and sold 4 properties in a single month. Unfortunately, am unable to find any more properties. I am thinking about looking for a wholesaler to partner with me. I will provide the buyers, They would provide the deals. Any State is welcome.


Hey Talem, tell us how u found and did 4 deals in one month, how much money did you make? We want the down and dirty.
Spill your guts.

Maybe be a little more specific in what methods you have used. There is a lot you can do driving for dollars, direct mail, google ads.

typically, finding the sellers are harder. buyers may find you. you can find buyers lists. you can talk to other wholesalers that have buyers. but, the sellers are where most of the marketing budget goes.

Hi Talam,

There’s definitely a niche for what you’re referring to. Co-wholesaling is common. If you have a great buyer’s list, and can have some kind of proof to show that quality of it, I would lead with that and lead with value to other wholesalers that you contact to try partnering up. You don’t want to spam a bunch of people saying how great your buyers list is. Instead try to add value to other wholesalers. Maybe find one that is having trouble selling a deal (look for “price reduced” or “price reduction”) in wholesaler emails and e-blasts, then contact them and see if you can provide value through your mega list and partner! Good luck!


I would love to help partner up with you to 1) find more deals 2) Leverage your buyers list in other markets.

Let’s connect and see how we can bring value to each other.

always interested in JV agreements. PM Me
have some leads in Michigan at the moment. need buyers. its the remote areas that are hard to move. know anyone buying in the boonies?

Why don’t you use birddogs to find properties for you?

Great idea. I have noticed there are many wholesalers who have access to deals but lack a buyer’s list.