I have access to some great equity

deals in the Detroit area. Trouble is the finding investors to fund them. Is there anyone out there that can give me a idea on best to
create a buyers list so that when I can find a great deal, I can get
the information to them. Thank you in advance!!

Network at your local REI club meeting, call bandit sign numbers, go to foreclosure auctions and pass out biz cards to bidders (they must have some cash avaiable to buy if they are bidding there right?), call the “We buy houses” ads in the newspaper, etc.

My hunch is that if you are having trouble finding buyers to fund the “deals” they might not be that good of deals. How much equity are we talking about?

From .40 to .70 on the dollar. I just wanted to put together some investors buyer
list, so when I come across properties, I can just wholesell them out to them. Also, I
do short sales and the first thing that I do, after making initial contact with the
pre-foreclosed home owner, is to have a investor ready to buy the home if the
numbers come in correctly. A very good exit plan.