I have a Question for Landlords and property managers....

I was thinking recently of starting a service business geared towards landlords and property managers, services could include cleaning of units after tenants leave, yard services, and light house maintence… Basically all those little nasty jobs landlords and property managers hate to do once tenants leave.

I am sure this is not a new idea, but what type of services would you like someone else to perform and be willing to pay a fee for, or what services do you contract out for currently…

Also any other advice along these lines would be greatly appreciated…

Thanks for your thoughts,

I work for a property manager and we have trouble finding people to do random jobs. All the contractors want the juicy stuff. They start out doing the little stuff to get to the big stuff. Then they don’t want to do the little stuff any more.

It sounds wierd but here is what we would like to find people to do.

Change common area smoke detector batteries. 2x per year (daylight savings time is a good time)
Fix Repair Align common area doors.
Clean gutters
Spray bees nests.
Patch asphault cracks.
Remove, bring screens to repair shops, reinstall.
Remove birds nests from eaves.
Patch paint cracks foundation.

and ,much, much, more… you get the idea?

If you quote a job figure 20.00/hr plus materials.
You may have to furnish proof of insurance. You should want insurance. It’s is not that expensive.



Thank you for your reply, that is basically what I was thinking, not the big contractor type work but just general maintenance issues IE cleaning, yard care, door replacements, hole fills, general things you have to do to get a unit ready to rent or maintain it. I also thought about working off a flat fee per service call plus material don’t know what standard practice is or what would be more appealing to managers but it was a thought…


You can have a minimum fee, that way they may save a few jobs for one call so you’re not running back to the property every day for something minor.

Brian -

Let me know if you’re in California - I could use someone to do that stuff at my house (lol)!


lol sorry, I am up here in oregon but that might be a good second source of income… :slight_smile: