I have a property contract and need an investor or retail buyer and need help

I have a property contract and I want to flip the deal quickly to another investor or retail buyer. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could make a list or find other investors interested in buying the property!

Well you could run an Classified Ad in the paper…

BUT you should have built a buyers list BEFORE looking for properties,

What location,You need to always post the location of the property so someone can touch base with you.

Place signs in heavily traveled areas near the property that state something like rebab for sale or something like that with your contact info and see if you cant pick up some investors.

If all else fails call expresshomebuyers.com. They have a $3000 referral fee. I havent tried their service, so beware.

Thanks for the info. We are in Atlanta and the surrounding areas.

I go to ATL about once a month, there are A LOT of investors down there. Great investors market!

Try these links:

Or just go here, http://atlanta.craigslist.org/fns and type in “foreclosure” you’ll see a lot of investors looking for homes!

Good luck!