I have a property but a Real Estate Agent has a contract

I have a property that I am going to Lease Optiont. The Owner is concerned that the Realator will want money for his services and there is a clause in his contract that talks about a lease option. Does the seller need to worry about the realator if I pay him 1.00 for the option consideration and have a 5 year lease with the owner/seller. I told the owner/seller that if the option to buy was exercised duing the agents contract that I would pay the agents commision but if the option to buy was exercised beond the realtors contract o’well. Is this correct? Any input would be appreciated Deamz

probably need to talk with someone like a lawyer who can interpret contracts

:-*Thank you.

Howdy Dreamz:

Most Realtors will cancel the contract if they have had it listed for a period of time and have not gotten a buyer especially if it has little showing and is in bad shape. They understand that a vacant house costs money. You should be upfront with them and deal with it head on


Now thats good advice and kinda what I was thinking. Be upfront is always the best. great, thanks, Dreamz ;D