I have a Problem Please advise

Please anyone! My name is Andre, my wife and I are in a land contract with a homeowner who we just found out allowed the property to go into foreclosure. I don’t know what to do! I offered to take over the payments but I found out that the home is almost $6, 000 in the hole and he has a balance for almost the full amount of the original loan and an HE loan also. We received our summons to court yesterday. I am in dire straights we have bad credit (so bad I cant get a stick of gum on credit), I found out too late the value of credit. But that doesn’t help me now. We have a 2yr old and a 3wk old son. We cant afford to get put out on the streets now!!! What do we do!!! My wife and I both have good jobs but poor credit!

p.s. This is our first home but our credit score is lower than most first time buyer programs will lend for. [We NEED HELP}

How low is your credit score?

Give this company a call.

Stop the foreclosure 760-963-6937.

Ask for Maury and Chris Clark referred you.

Alwilliams… what state are you in? Maybe I can help. Good Luck…


do u have the cash to make up the back pmnts for the mortgage?