I have a deal under contract what forms do I need now?

I am looking to wholesale my deal. I have it under contract with a realtor. What forms do I use to take offers and sell my deal to the end buyer.

You’re really doing this bass ackwards. You should have had the forms already or should have figured your exit strategy ahead of time.

Did you put “and/or assigns” after your name on the buyer line? If no, did you cross through and initial the non-assignability clause?

If you can’t assign the contract, what will you do? You can hurry up and find a buyer that you can add as a partner on the contract. Then, you can quit claim the deed to your partner after closing for an amount equal to your assignment fee.

If you don’t do the above, you can still find the end buyer and double close using transactional funding.

If you can’t do those, are you prepared to buy the house?

I’m curious, how much real estate investor education did you get, before jumping into this deal?

congrats on having the nerve to step up to the plate and getting started; most people take years to get this far. Please provide details on what you’re trying to do, plus what the terms are

For the first time, I’m speechless!

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