I have a customer who needs to file bankruptcy.

Hi Everyone,

I got a call from a customer yesterday who just received a notification that their house is going to auction on the 19th of Feb and they want to file bankruptcy.

What is the best way to file?

Attorney or a Bankruptcy company?

I have heard that Bankruptcy companies fees total over $1000.00.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks

I will suggest using an attorney. $1000 to file bankruptcy at a bankrupt company is a ridiculous price to pay :banghead. Go to a local attorney who helps people file bankruptcy and he should help your customer. But I would also recommend doing some research on “STEPS TO FILING BANKRUPTCY”

Thanks so much for the advise. I thought that was a bit ridiculous.

The fee starts off at 800.00 then after paying for the classes and some other stuff it equals over 1000.00!

I will contact a couple of attorneys that I know tomorrow.

Thanks again.

on a side note…

If they do end up filing BK, walk from the deal. You’ll spend the next year trying to make 1,000 bucks on it!!!

Soon you’ll be doing this :banghead :banghead :banghead :banghead


I hear ya!


Didn’t they just change how you do bankruptcy in the last year. You still have to pay the debt t they set up a plan and you have to be working. I know you don’t get it wiped clean anymore at least that is what someone I know who went thru it here in Florida told me. They got thru right before the law changed.

There are different types of bankruptsy.
Unless these people are good friends avoid this deal. You will spend less time and frustration finding a new property.

If you are trying to help a friend have them get a local newspaper and call the attorneys and compare prices.

There is an exemption for your personal house in many states. They may be able to keep their house if they act fast.

They will have to make their payments.
Good Luck

Actually. This is a good friend. They are going to go through an attorney to get it done. They also have to take a class in order to file.

Can anyone file bankruptcy? Have any of you attempted to do this for anyone. Could it be that difficult?