I Have a Contract Issue!! Help

A woman I have been dealing with for a while signed a contract before I clud get her a written offer. She now wants out of the contract she is under to sign my contract. I don’t know how to help her. She has no clue what she is doing and Im trying to help. ??? ???

Need a bit more info. when you say contract are you referring to the offer to purchase or the actual purchase and sales agreement?

Well Im not sure. I think he gave her a written offer and she signed it in agreeance.

If it was just an offer to purchase that she signed then she can back out…as long as she understands that the seller has the right to retain any earnest money she may have given with the offer

I think that that is what it was. Is an Offer and acceptance letter the same as a purchase and sales agreement?

What she signed I believe had the date of closing and price agreement.

Which one might this one be?

I now this is vague. sorry


From the info. you have given it sounds as though it is just an offer to purchase she signed. Although without knowing the exact details it’s hard to tell exactly. The P & S is more specific than the offer to purchase and she would have put down a certain % as her downpayment, and the financed amount would have been listed, and a date would have been set for the home inspection. The P & S is generally a couple of pages whereas an offer to purchase is typically just one. If it was a P & S she signed then there should have been a “subject to” home inspection clause in there. Always an out with that…Hope that helps!