I have 4,000 sq ft of space in a commercial building thinking about self storage

I have a 4,000 sq ft. space that I want to make into a self storage facility. Code requires me to put in two sheets of 5/8 drywall to create a 2hr firewall between the commercial space and the residential units above.

My question is: how much of a premium will I be able to get by offering a climate controlled environment?


I don't know that I would consider it a premium as much as it is the difference between a non-climate controlled environment and the cost of electricity and maintenance to offer a climate controlled environment.

In the south west it seems the price difference is mostly that difference of electricity, maintenance and replacement reserve for AC equipment.

A non CCE may rent for $90 for a 10 x 10 while a CCE will rent for $115 which is not really additional profit but rather additional charge to provide CCE.