I had to take a shower to get the realtor funk off of me

My most recent deal with a realtor.
I met the seller at his burned house & after a walk thru we agreed on a price of 37K He was a friendly guy about my age, I took the time to hear his story and we had a good rapport. I handed over the purchase contract for his signature and he then informs me the house actually belongs to his wife who is a realtor but works at the local hospital as a nurse. I told him I’ve done a lot of deals and they always go smooth unless a realtor is involved. He promised there wud be no problem and said he wud have the contract signed that night. I had a bad feeling and I almost grabbed my contract and ran for the hills screaming like a banshee.
Soon his wife emails me the contract and it had been completely butchered and re written.

Now, I couldnt assign, I had to have a $3,000 earnest deposit and I cud not do an inspection & had a few days to close & I had to use her Title company.
I emailed this crazy woman back that I needed to assign the contract to my partner and I had to get my partners into the dwelling to do their inspections and 3K earnest deposit and 5 days was ridiculous & I had my own Title company.
We went back and forth for almost 2 weeks and I admit I was losing my cool.
Finally she sends me my original contract back and it’s signed. I think her husband must have somehow got her in line.
I was still being harassed by this woman while in escrow asking why I hadnt deposited the 1K earnest deposit we had agreed on and why it was taking so long to close. It only took 3 weeks & I never did deposit the funds.
I got a check for a $6,000 assignment fee, I paid out $2,000 to my bird dog that found the property.
I felt like taking a shower afterwards to get the realtor funk off of me.
But it really wasn’t that bad, I enjoyed going toe to toe with this bossy know it all realtor and it made for a good chapter in my book.
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