i had no idea how useful Excel can actually be

the title of the post basically sums it up.


i’m getting to know the ropes and that program is excellent.

how do any of you use it for your REI’s?


I use OpenOffice Calc, which is an open source version of Excel. I have several “programs” I’ve created that instantaneously tells me if a property is “worth it” on many different levels (Sub2, owner financing, rentals, conventional buy/sell).

It’s all I use to track expenses/income for my rental properites. I open a new spreadsheet each year and have a separate worksheet for each property. Across the top, I label a column for each month and down the side, I put a category the corresponds to the categories on the Schedule E…at the end of the year, it makes taxes tremendously easier.


any of you ever visit Mortgage-Investments.com?

They have a bunch of Excel spread sheets and wow, are they extensive. check out the ten year analysis…

Can anyone recommend a good book on excel?


“Excel for Dummies” will get you started…