I got the small town financing blues..

Greeting one and all.
I need some help!
I’m a small investor in a small rural town.Illinois/Iowa border
My business licence is established 2 yrs.+
I’m in the process of incorporating and establishing business lines of credit to go commercial.
(I have several cash flow properties waiting for me)
I own 4 local SF properties with (3) lease options and mortgaged to 80%LTV .
Here’s the problem.
I recently cash purchased (fannie mae repo) a small home for my mother, who passed away before she could move into it.
If I didnt do this, My FICO would be 700+ right now!
It’s immaculate, new siding, paint, carpet, fixtures, etc.
I put 5k into it
It appraises for $34,195
Due to my mothers untimely death, I now have it rented to another relative. @$350 a month
The current relative/tenant(s) qualify for FHA as soon as the state of Illinois allows me to sell it to them.
I currently have a Wash Mu equity line on the property for only $11,250-The payment is only $110.00
Wash Mu won’t lend 75% of the appriasal price- for another 4 months.
I can’t resell it for another 8 months due to Illinois Flip laws.
And to complicate matter more, Most lenders for SI/SA wont touch anything under 50K
I need to get the equity out ASAP, in order to pay off the unsecured credit card debt I incurred from a rehab I did, in order to raise the FICO, in order to qualify for business/Corporate lines of credit.
It’s a Catch 22 situation
Does anyone know of a small 80/90% LTV NOO HELOC out there for a SA/SI 620 FICO with a 2+yr business licence- person such as myself?
Or better yet!
Is there an investor that would like to take this entire mortgage @12/15% @80/90% LTV for a 1yr balloon.
What can I do?

Anyone have a HELCO for me?
EQFX 630
TU 646