i got ripped off....help

in a nutshell…i gave a broker a certified check for $5k…to date there is no lease-option, rental agreement, or other contract signed…the broker declined my counter-offer for certain protections (i.e., assignability, insurance, taxes, etc.) and vehmently refuses to release my ernest money stating rental damages (i think he’s smoking very high-grade opium as there is no rental agreement)…i have filed a civil suit and complaint to the broker licensing agency…but that could take some time…any other suggestions–as to how to get my 5 g’s back…please advise

I see that there has not been a response to this thread.

Where are you at currently in the process?

Send the boys round!

same. the broker wont budge on releasing my money–he is a crook. i am very surprised at his behavior and as such i am going after his license via the licensing agency. the licensing agency does, however, have a recovery fund for such non-sense (once i am awarded a judgment)…in case the broker, like so many plaintiffs, fail to pay judgements against them…

so at the very least i will get my money (plus court costs) but it will, of course, take some time…

i do, however, like the idea of sending the boys around…but quite honestly thats not my style…but i have considered it…lol

Your experience is unfortunate. However, I am sure that you are not the first person that he/she has done this to.


Idiots like this that make it hard for legitimate individuals to conduct business.

Good luck