I got a New RE Course on Abandoned Houses

This Florida Investor named Sean Flanagan emailed me his proposal to purchase his course on abandoned houses. I had purchased his similar course a few years ago. This one was only 97 buks and he made it sound like his program was exactly what I needed with some of the new tactics him and his wife had discovered.

He has some interesting methods. For example he will throw a small colorful party bag with his $100 looking business card and a few hard candies, He claims many times the neighbors will pick it up and call because their kids had picked it up. Then he will follow up with colorful party style invitation looking letters.
This guy claims he’s small time, just him and his wife and a virtual assistant and they hire a neighbor kid to put the candy bags together and they actually do the driving for dollars themselves while taking down addresses and throwing these candy bags on the driveway. They buy these party bags at the Dollar store and get the bags of hard candy from Walmart and he gives the info on where to get the ass kicking business cards that look like a real 100 dollar bill.
He mostly rehabs these properties themselves and wholesales a few. He claims he averages 2 deals a month and makes $40,000 a month.
Holy crap, now that’s some frikin good money.
This dog isn’t too old to learn some new tricks.

I ordered the bad ass 100 dollar looking business cards, 82 buks for 1,000 I purchased a few big bags of hard candy. Now I gotta get over to dollar store and find those gift bags and cheap stationary, put it all together and get my bird dogs to toss them on driveways of these vacant properties, hey, they claim it works.

I’ll get some rolls of stamps $47 each, ouch, direct mail aint cheap.
I also got some colorful envelopes for contact letters and ordered some sparkle pens, it is some kind of gel pen that spews colorful print with colorful sparkles and all shiny and, well, it’s supposed to work like crazy bringing in a higher percentage of distressed sellers than any other method know to man or possibly the Universe.
Cuz it looks like a party invitation, who wudnt open it? And because its so shiny the post office is 68% more likely to forward it.
Haha, it’s fun planning and executing this insane unique marketing method.
Am I the only one smart or crazy enuf to do it?
A few hundred buks spent and some slight effort cud (will) pay out big time.

I just got the $100 business cards delivered, it took like 3 days. It’s criminal how real they look. I got 2 stacks wrapped in cellophane, it really looks like $100,000 buks sitting there.
Flip it over and there is my marketing message…

Sell Your Home In 7 Days ** Get Cash this week**
Liens on the property? Owe Too Much? Major/Minor repairs needed? Late Payments? 5555555555

Now to get those party bags and cheap stationary.
My sister says she will be the one to toss these on the driveways of all the distressed houses in this city,
were gona need a bigger boat.

That marketing strategy is about the most creative I’ve ever read about. It has to work, because those sellers aren’t gonna see anything else like it.

I have to believe that candy and cards will arouse curiosity and open new doors.

Can’t wait to hear about your results.


Haha, I thought it was brilliant, but the guru does admit he got it off of another successful investor.
What’s crazy is, this guru tells how many times the neighbors are so frikin nosy and full of curiosity they will go out and pick it up. They will soon be calling and give you all the info on the vacant eyesore across the street, including all the gossip you can take, sometimes even the contact numbers of the owners.

There is another brilliant thing he does, actually several. But he will use a short handwritten note to the vacant house owners that says::
Dear Mr Johnson, I drove by and seen something at your house that I want to buy, please call me, Debbie
It will be on some cheap stationary and hand written with a colorful invitation type envelope.

Somehow the hard to find homeowner gets this message mailing, he thinks he’s going to sell that pool pump or swamp cooler or old bed frame or something he left behind for some quick buks. Then to use the old switcheroo, technical term is bait and switch.
Oh Mr. Johnson, sorry for the misunderstanding, I really want to buy your house.
I think the guru’s wife is behind a lot of the creativity and their success, that’s the kind of woman we all want or need.

This Guru has another crazy way of getting distressed owners to call. He has this red and yellow and black post card that looks like a shut off notice or worse, your days are numbered on this planet type of mailing. Huge letters that spell out URGENT and NOTICE and the small print says… Dear home owner, I want to buy your house, don’t worry, you can calm down now.

My sister and I put together about 180 of these candy treat bags with the secret $100 bill folded in half.
The directions were to use these colorful bags at dollar store but I found these clear 3"/9" plastic bag that comes with colorful ties.
These bags were cheap and you can see the candy and fake money inside, they look amazing, any humanoid will see this shiny glittery object and lunge for the treat as if they are compelled by a force they don’t understand…
The bags are not that easy to fill and tie, we worked on those bad boys for hours.
It was fun though, you can still think and talk while doing them, kinda robotic motions.
I started sending out the colorful party style letters to owners of distressed houses, these are going out to the addresses the bird dogs are sending.
Just sent out 200 post cards to absentee owners, will send another 200 this week.
Gotta get these party bags out the door, but the sister has more excuses than you can count.
Shud I? wud I get out there and do some myself?
I might have to

I always mail vacant homes, and those work for me. I love the course you talked about. Seems like something I might check into