I got a business credit card :)

I got a business credit card :), i do not even have a business license! or an LLC.

i applied for business credit card and my name as company name…

then i got approved for $1000.

but does this mean anything

let me guess.

You gave them your Social # right? If so, you have given them a PG on the card, therefore they gave you the CC based on your personal credit.

The whole point of business credit is to keep it separate from your personal credit.

When a creditor issues true business credit (without a PG), they look at the company’s credit file. To create this file, get a Duns number from DNB. Experian also reports on business credit files to creditors but you don’t need to sign up for anything on this.

I need a business credit card got any information that you can share so I can get one

there are a lot out there. just type business credit card in the search engine

I have an actual business. Capital one sent me a business credit card. I believe I gave them my SS#. ARe you saying that this is not a true busiess credit card? When I use it, it will not be reported on my business credit bureau? I do have a Duns # I dont believe they asked for it either.

Yes if you gave them your SS# then you have just got a regular CC in your personal name and guarentee.

You would have had to give them your federal tax ID # and /or duns# for your business to be a true business card.

Good ‘pick’, Laura!