I found this Loan offer in the Advertisment section: Any Thoughts

So I responded to one of the posted ads here in the ad section, requesting a loan for $100,000. Would I be gullible if I responded? :banghead2

The following is the loan terms:

I am in response to your last email,
You are lucky to be informed that your loan amount of $100,000.00 has been approved and can be granted to you by our company.But first and foremost you will have to take a look at the loan terms below and agree to it so that the loan process can begin.
You must be 18 or above to obtain the loan ,
You must repay back the loan as at when due.
Your loan will be given to you at an interest rate of 5%,
You must be honest and straight forward in the loan process,
You must reply to any email sent to you concerning the loan ,
You must not involve in any form ingenuity in the loan transaction.
Loan Repayment Schedule
Loan Amount:…$100, 000.00
Annual Total Interest Rate:…5%,
Loan Duration:…7Years ( 84Months).
Loan Interest:…$5,000.00
Total Loan Payment Plus Interest:…$105,000.00
Monthly Payment:…$1,250.00
Yearly Repayment:…$15,000.00
Loan Repayment Method:…Bank To Bank Transfer.
Prepayment penalty:… No
Collateral Issuing Bank:… No
Guarantee collateral:… No
Application Fee:…None
Is the project government or private:… Private
From the above terms and conditions,you can choose to make repayment either monthly or yearly.And you have to provide all of the following details below .

Borrowers Full Name:
Contact Address:
Work Address:
Marital Status:
Monthly Income:
Zip code:
Pone Number:
fax number:
Personal Or Company Loan:
Loan Repayment Method /Yearly Or Monthly:
i will await your quick reply to this e-mail
NOTE"you can have your loan by friday all that will be needed to be done by you is to pay for the wire transfer charge which i contacted the bank and they have given me the figure the transfer charge for your loan amount of $100,000.00 is $370 as soon as you send this through western union your loan will be transfered so reply me with the details above and also your account informations so that the bank can start the transfer process soon.

It seemed too good to be true & I noticed that there were several of these types of ads with the same type of wording. So I am wondering should I or shouldn’t I !!! mmm


Hell no i would not send a dime, it has to be a scam !!!
Tell this guy to take the $370.00 out of the loan, see how fast he comes up with something silly to tell you why it can’t be taken out of the loan…

At best this is a scam, if this guy is for real then it’s the worst loan disclosure I have ever seen. Run for the hills.

So…He wants $370.00 for something that usual costs $35.00 and then he wants all of your personal information? I am sure that such information can be sold to a large number of people who would like to open credit card accounts in your name and drain your bank account. I think that I would shy away from this - if it sounds too good to be true it probably isn’t true.

:cool hey look they are all over in the adds here and i do not see any end in sight as they are the scamers

Can you say “wire fraud” and “identity theft”…

He doesn’t want to lend you 100K; he wants you to lend him $370 (for keepsies)…


Scott Miller

The other tip-off is his sentence structure…he is not a native English speaker. If I were running a real finance company notifications would come out of an office where the response were written in correct/proper English!

I’m with everyone else – RUN!



I agree with everyone else it seems like fraud.Dont ever give anyone your information without verifying that they are liscensed to offer you the service you require.Also i dont know of any private lenders who rate is 5 percent that isnt correct it might also be a bait and switch.Please be carefull with who you contact as there are a lot of mortgage fraud scams going around.

I thought it was too good to be true when I read the ad, so I thought I would respond to see what they said. I sent out 2 emails to 2 different people in the ads and got the same type of response but with a different name and a slightly different spin on it. I was really hoping to get some money quick, but I’m not that daft.

thanks for your feedback.


I believe the first thing you should as for from these people are their license numbers and what states they’re licensed to do business in. Then go to your state website and look up the license number to see if it’s in good standing.


I didn’t need to read past
"Hello, I am in response to your last email, "
to know it was a scam. I’m not being arrogant. I was scammed once and have learned a LOT. My scam radar is on high alert at all times now. It’s amazing the sheer volume of scams I have encountered (by email and phone) I could write a novel or open a whole new forum about scams. Hey, maybe I should. For now I will stop my rant. Here’s a few things I noticed in this scam which are typical of the scammers approach:

  1. Bad grammar
  2. Too much information laid out (usually copied and pasted from somewhere)

This scam is looking to make $370 in money you wire. NOBODY charges that. I used to run a business where I would wire money to Italy (say $20-$40k at a time). It cost I think about $20.

NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER send money upfront (and that includes taking a “cashiers check” or money order for over the amount and sending the rest back) Cashiers checks or money orders are commonly faked by scammers.

Beware of thinking your’e “safe” because the crook suggests using escrow company X. It’s getting common for the crooks to have a fake escrow company to do the dealings. Escrow companies ARE excellent for this sort of thing (if it were real) but be sure YOU PICK IT.

Bottom line. If YOU did not INITIATE the discussion (by email, phone, letter, online), just assume somebody is out to screw you. The best thing to do is look up the company and find its phone number yourself. Call and check it out.

Anytime some ask for personal information or money is a scam.
www.joewein.net/ to check for scam