I found Eleonora's houses (from Property Ladder)

Gotta love public records! :wink:
If you listen, you can pick up the details to look someone up. Name, town, she said her husband’s name…
Who tears up nasty old carpet in heeled boots and a nice turtleneck sweater?? And I noticed some of her friends had these on also under their “booties.”
Wonder what her MBA was in?
Ummm, also noticed when Eleonora and Kirsten were sitting having a chat in her personal home, Kirsten’s a good size gal, huh? I don’t mean fat, just big-boned or something. :-
Anyhow, after seeing the info on her personal home, I can see how she’s used to expensive stuff:


and then the one from the show:


We laughed about the high-heeled boots too…my wife asked me if I thought they make them in my size because I always were old leather boots with steel shanks when I’m doing demolitions…maybe that’s were I’m screwing up! Don’t forget the designer jeans!

She was a a joke. She was NOT there to get her hands dirty or to spill a drop of her cappacino – nor were her friends! That was a “hen party”!


great work deedeedlynn.

I checked the Harris County Clerk and Recorder database. She bought the house 11/15/04 and sold it on 4/15/05 (to Joseph and Katherine Schultz). The Assesssor records probably just have not been updated yet. That’s 5 months of holding costs. The show indicated that she got her offer in Week 12 or 13. Hmmm. The clerk records also indicate that she got a purchase money loan from a private lender (Gregory Grimblat). So my inital estimates of holding costs and purchase money costs are probably about $7,000 too low. Wasn’t the Mentor named Greg?

Well, the way I figured it out was she bought the home, spent 3 months rehabbing it. Spent about a week to do open house and get offer and closed in about 45 days, which equals about 5 months.

The friend was Scott.

What I want to know is where did all of that furniture come from?

Who flips a house (where the object is get in, get out, make money) and then furnishes it?

What am I missing?


Who flips a house (where the object is get in, get out, make money) and then furnishes it?

What am I missing?

I’m sure it was the show itself that helped furnish the house. It did look all decked out though. Quite a bit of work to go through.
I loved the “showing” she had for her friends and family. Looked like she brought in a caterer and everything. lol

Deedeelynn – good going! I love those public records myself. I’m currently looking at a FSBO and she hasn’t been honest with me – the only way I knew this is via the public records :o She should try them sometime LOL.

I’m a bit behind everyone else and just saw the show that did Eleonora’s house today. O-M-G :slight_smile: I wonder if they included the caterer in her final cost ?! We all know their final numbers are a joke and that must be taken into account in order to enjoy it.

Personally, the plumber who didn’t return for seven weeks, I would have had on a silver platter serving plumber rump roast to the rest of the crew. I’ve scared huge guys into coming back to get their tiny debris piles for fear of what I might do to their business. She’s a flake. Anyone also notice her husband was mysteriously missing FOR ALL OF IT? Wonder why :-\

What blew me away the most though was the contrast between her gorgeous kitchen and the horrendous bathrooms :frowning: Nothing like beautiful updated kitchen but go shower in the cabin bath. Very sad job.

I did feel bad for her on the water issue – yes, she should have tackled it right away once the wall stains were pointed out, but OMAN what a mess and, that could happen to any of us. I noticed the show used the words “restored wood floors,” yeah right after the new ones were put down in those rooms – from the way they were hacking at the living and dining room they had to use new wood in those areas. Contractors don’t care that much about saving plank by plank for you. Unless she did it?? LOL

Tonight’s looks interesting – I have no clue where the house is located, but it’s the type of homes I do and about my sale range. Down here you can have a very decent home for $130k. Can’t wait.

Best to you all!

Oh one add-on before I get taken to task by the wonderful women on this site. I only asked why we didn’t see her husband because she paraded her kids and friends through the show – I was only wondering how he managed to get out of it.

I don’t even bother my husband with this work – he has learned to say, “The roof looks good,” and “Someone has treated for termites,” because I’ve taught him what to look for (like that is hard stuff to spot lol). I’ll let him stick to his CFOing :slight_smile: He’s way better at that. Plus I’m much meaner to the contractors without them knowning they’ve been taken down a peg until they drive away. BUT, they come back WAY before seven weeks – I’m still shaking my head that she waited and didn’t take care of that MUCH sooner.

Best to you all!

I don’t know where ya’ll live but look at the 5 yr. tax value increases in her house and the one she rehabbed. Oh my freakin goodness…doubled in 5 years. I’m moving to her neighborhood ( I wish -5000 sq. feet - that’s a shopping mall compared to my house). ::slight_smile:

I was looking at homes around that size around Houston. Much cheaper that here. 5,000 sq ft is pretty good.

As to her Husband. It is obvious that he is the bread winner. For all we know, we was out of town on business or just did not want to be on TV (GASP).

She is a stay at home mom who wanted to prove that she could do something. I think she proved that she can shop. :smiley:

…and drink Gucci cappacino!


I finally got around to calling the Buyers of Elenora’s (aka MBA mom) house. This is what I found out:

The first contract that she got in 5 days fell through because of an inspection issue.

Evidently the producers furnished the house, but only for a week or so. When the second (third?) buyer viewed and contracted for the house a couple of weeks after the first contract, the furniture had been removed. The buyer I spoke to did not know anything about the TV show till after the closing. The buyer I spoke to indicated that they bought the house for a couple thousand dollars less than the ‘$275,000 contract price’ indicated by the show.

Elenora had another water leak after the open house that cost an additional couple thousand dollars to repair the damage

Elenora gave the Buyers $3,000 at closing to resolve inspection issues.

Elenora gave the Buyers an approximate $4,000 for their closing costs.

She and the buyer each had their own Realtor

My updated figures:
$170,000 purchase price
6,000 purchase closing costs (estimated, private money loan)
53,000 rehab costs (includes $2,000 in post open house repairs)
10,000 holding costs 5 months (estimated)
3,000 seller concessions (repairs)
1,000 sale closing costs (estimated)
4,000 Seller paid Buyer closing costs
16,000 Realtor fees (estimated, she does not seem like the type that would use a discounted Realtor to list the property)
273,000 Sales price

$10,000 estimated net profit

That is probably why she decided to stay at home and won’t do it again.

10k is minor and you know there was a charge here or there not figured in. She could have ended up even :smiley:

5 months of Starbucks for us would be about $750, so she is probably around there.

I thought the designer jeans and boots were amusing. IMO She brought her friends there just so they could get on TV.

Painting clothes for me are holey jeans and an old T-Shirt. Unless a TV crew is there, of course! ;D

Thanks for answering that mysterious question. I was how these people could be making a profit when they were furnishing these places. :slight_smile:

Public Record is your friend. Sounds like a “Property Ladder sighting” might be the latest online posting craze. :stuck_out_tongue:



<<Painting clothes for me are holey jeans and an old T-Shirt. Unless a TV crew is there, of course!>>

I use VERY old cotton athletic shorts and a t-shirt but it is SMOKIN’ hot here!