i found a mentor but whats me to birddog

i found a mentor that will teach me all the ropes or rei. but the mentor want me to start as a birddog first. since i tried to get into rehabbing with no money. i think this will be the best way for me to start. but what questions should i ask. also i still work can i do birddog while am working. also the mentor tells me that i will have to pay for marketing my business.


How long has this guy been doing it?

what is his success rate?

How much does he have to teach you?

Is he charging you for his services?

hes been doing for 3 years. no hes not charging me. he will pay me per deal he closes on. How much does he have to teach you??

Congrats on finding someone who will actually teach you and not want to make $$ from you.

I have been looking here in southern new jersey for about 6 months and no one wants to teach.

I have been bird dogging and it helps getting your feet wet along with rei club meetings, and websites like this.

My plan is to move into wholesaling.

Alot of investors want birdogs but not many will actually teach you, so if this guy actually has skills to teach and isnt a wannabe and for real…go for it…bird dog away.

Listen to the seasoned people here , they know their stuff.

Learn Learn Learn


Seriously birddog away. It will help you out so much once it is your turn. Good luck. In reality, most people want to be paid. So if you must advertise, and pay for it youself. Go for it. Afterall the investor is not asking for anything else. You are paying now, to improve your future.

As a bird dog the most important thing is to find the value of the property, and if the deal makes since.

E.g. how are both of you going to get paid, and how fast will the property rent, or sell.

Try to know a market that is close to your Home or Job and Know EVERYTHING about it. This will make it easier for you so you don’t have to drive out of your way.

Also you’ll need to know how much it may take to repair the house, and what condition it is in to start with.

Plus you have to be ready to put good deals under contract ASAP! Learn your states Purchase agreements and how to fill one out.

I hope that helps!
Ganbatte! (fight hard!)

consider this…

why would i pay a birddog when a great Realtor is free??

It’s a good way to learn, but I think I would make the jump to wholesaling as soon as possible.


Don’t limit yourself teach yourself read real estate books daily, network. If you bird dog you are leveraging his time and he makes the $. I started out as a bird dog an found out I was just working to make someone else more$. Build your own team to make up for your lack of knowledge.

Of course the guy you are bird dogging for is going to make more money!!! He takes more risk. All you do is point to a property. He then uses his financing, knowledge, contacts etc. that HE took the time to build. If I have a bird dog, I want him/her to prove to me that they are willing to do the WORK before taking them into my confidence. Most people want to get something for nothing. IF they bring me a good deal, they will have learned how to identify a good deal. If they show an interest in learning more, I’ll gladly help them; probably by being a partner with them on a deal, or two, or three… When they are confident in their ability to do a deal themselves, we both carry on and are richer for the experiences we have shared. I hate it when people ask soemone to help them learn how to become financially independant and then act like the mentor is a jerk for making money. How hypocritical!!! I refer to these people as “haters!!!” They want to get rich, but get mad because someone else made it there first. Imagine getting mad at someone for doing exactly what you plan to do: make money… absurd.

If you found somebody to mentor you. you are a lucky dog. Jump on that band wagon. Help that guy make $ and make a little your self. The information you will get , just learning to find properties that are profitable :o
Keep reading the post , the books , and listen to every word your mentor says. One day you will be laughing all the way to bank!!!

Make Goals, Work toward your Goals and your dreams will come true.


thanks everyone that didnt work out with the mentor. the mentor wanted big profit deals. now i just want to learn flipping rehabs.

Then he wasn’t really wanting to mentor you, he was wanting to ‘abuse’ you for his own gain…huge difference. A true mentor will do it because he/she wants to see you develop as an investor…

My two cents.


Keith is dead on! Mentor’s want you to advance faster and easier then they did. On a side note you will RARELY find a good mentor who will do it for free, I would ALWAYS pay. It’s a mentality type of thing…

Best of luck!