I flipped the ugliest house on the planet, shud be condemned and leveld.

I got a list of absentee owners, I hand wrote yellow letters and sent out the first batch of 200. I was quite surprised to get such a big response, maybe 30-40 calls, most were useless but I got a call from one elderly lady and she had a house in the bad part of town and wanted to sell. I looked at it with google and decided the house cud be worth 45K after repairs. We agreed on a price of $18K I started advertising it for 25K and got lots of calls. A few rehab investors went over to the property and the renters invited them in. The first guy said in his 35 yrs of rehabbing this was the worst hes ever seen. He described broken windows, sheetrock ceiling coming down, garbage and filth and dog crap in the house with cats and parts of the wood subfloor rotted thru and black mold and dead yards. He told me if I cud get 16K for that house to take it and run and hide. The next guy said the people living there wud be better off being homeless than living in those conditions, he described the stench and the most horirble eye watering experience that actually took his breath. He actually went back with his Contractor, this builder told him the house needed to be tore down. I was getting a few offers of 10 and 12K I called the seller and told her if you can lower the price to 10K I think I can sell it, she agreed. I started advertising it for 15, no bites, then 12K, Finally I got a farmer that had cash and wanted to rent it to his laborers.
The Title company just called and said I can pick up my check for $2,000 today. I’m starting to think I can sell anything. Now, this farmer is interested in a 4plex I found for $89,500. He said he has cash. This guy grows raisins. I’m sending out a lot more yellow letters. Let’s make some MONEY randoskie

I love the ambition. I just wanted to tell you I bet this farmer grows Grapes and they turn into Raisins, this is really ironic if you think about your last deal. The old lady bought a grape and it shriveled up into a raisin as well. Sorry had to post that

Nice, that is great where are you located.


Well done! See, you can’t really tell your luck until you work on it. :beer

Great to hear that… don;t stop the marketing… Keep as much deals in the pipeline as possible… Good for you!

Great Job! You can never get enough of marketing! To your success!