I find a property and........?

Hey all. Hope all is well. I’m about to start looking for properties to wholesale in Texas. There’s a gap in the process that I’m not totally clear on.

Once I find a property, how do I go about determining the repair cost? I have a limited knowledge in repair estimation.

How does financing work on wholesales? Do you still have to go through the financing process with a lender if you just plan to do a second closing with the investor buying from you?

Thanks for any and all help.

Go to homedepot.com
click on just for contractors…
Register as a contractor.
Then you have access to their database of products and prices.
This will give you and idea of replacemant cost of materials, appliances and more…
You can get a list of products you need, email the sotre and they will have you order ready for you…

Hope this helps

That is great advice jdisp! ;D

Thanks Mark…there are a number of other tricks around…


Thanks for all the replies.
jdisp- Do you have any more tricks you can share?

Do I still need to get financing for a double close on a wholesale?

What tricks are you looking for?

jdisp - you had said that there were other tricks at appraising the repair cost of a rehab.

Sorry what I ment was there are many tricks to this business…