I don't want to look like a fool

I need advice…again :stuck_out_tongue:

What if I get a call from a seller who is motivated but my buyers don’t like the deal for some reason. How do I handle that situation without looking like a fool for wasting their time?

Lady Bird-dog,

Mr. Seller, I have several buyers that may be interested in your property, however should they find your property not suitable for their needs, I will give you the courtesy of a call and explain why.

Then follow through and give the seller what your investors told you about the property in a professional manner.

This shows you care about the sellers by relating what your investors think. This will also be of a benefit to the seller as they may have to make changes in how motivated they are, which could change the deal into as sale for an investor.

Just some basics, that will help you.

John $Cash$ Locke

Ohhhh… thanks so much! ;D

I just got a response from one of my mailings. I was so nervous and I pray my voice was not quivering. That was the exciting the part, that I got a call :P. The dud was that he wasn’t serious. He just called because he loved my mailing. He figured he should call me since it caught his attention. He said he wouldn’t want to do anything that cut out his realtor and that he just received an offer that he hopes will go through. I explained that my investors will work with realtors. He seemed skeptical. I don’t know how, I think he just liked my letter and had no intention of dealing with me. OH well, I’m just excited that finally I got a response. ;D

Congratulations Lady Bird-Dog! I know exactly what you mean about being nervous. I am making my first wholesale offer tomorrow and I am very anxious about the outcome. And you never know, your mailing caught his attention, so if he wasn’t interested at all, he wouldn’t have called you. Don’t cross him off your list just yet.

BYW, I would love to hear more about your attention-getting mailing. :slight_smile: