I desperately need funding advice

I am looking for a home equity loan around $55,000 for my primary residence, private lender or hard money either one. Wanting to do repairs and then we’re planning to rent it out. I don’t understand why this is complicated. Hard lenders aren’t emailing me back because I’m currently owner occupied and private lenders want to do Larger loans as their minimum. Do any private or hard lenders really deal with owner occupied mortgages? I have good income and can document it and I have a lot of equity in my home, I just need to do this soon,Where should I be looking?

Most Private and/or Hard money lenders do not deal with loans on owner occupied properties. Those are considered “Consumer loans” and they fall under new Dodd- Frank Regulations which makes them cumbersome and they do not allow for higher interest rate that private lender requires.
To correctly answer your question one would need more information about the property and your financial situation. That said the cheapest way to get repair funds would be to refinance and pull $55,000 from the larger new 1st. Interest is still low and you would not have to worry about paying off $55,000 second loan. Private and/or Hard money loans are usually short term loans with higher interest rate (10% to 12%). If refinancing is not an option because of not enough equity than private loans will not work either.
I hope this helps.
Good Luck,
George K

Thanks for your input George. I do have plenty of equity thats not an issue, I owe 90,000 and the house is worth 210,000. I’m dealing with a 570 credit score but I have good income. Was interested in a 3-5 year note to take that time to improve my credit after paying off debt and then refi with a conventional.

Hi Susan, if you obtain hard money loan you would probably pay at least 2 points in loan fees which is about $1,100.
Take that money and pay professional credit repair company and they will increase you score within few month. Actually you could do it yourself just by learning what has significant effect on your score and then following recommendation. You can get all the info on internet. The best part is that in some instances you could get FHA refinance loan with cash out with only 580 FICO. FHA refinance loan can be for as much as 85% of appraised value which means that you could pull out more than $55,000. You are too close to getting FHA loan and I would not recommend hard money loan. I know you can do it.
George K

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