I can't find it!!!

I am searching for Subject to paperwork that is specific to Texas. Can anyone help me?

I have $Cash$'s course and his paperwork, but I need to know what is used in Texas and compare it to his (Nevada).

I have contacted all of the title companies in town and they claim that they get their paperwork from the lenders. Major cold shoulder from them. The professed RE attorney in town offices in one of those title company buildings and has very conservative views on everything.

I have also contacted an attorney/title company owner/ RE investor from the Houston REI club (I live in Huntsville), but haven’t heard back from him yet. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack. There’s got to be some Sub 2 investors that visit this site. Please share. :banghead Thanks.

DeeDee :deal

Ain’t no such animal.

The majority of title companies aren’t even aware that lines 203 and 503 of the HUD-1 are specifically for Sub2, so good luck there. And the same goes for attorneys.

Until you find someone local willing to help, I’d suggest grabbing a copy of the standard Realtor purchase contract off the web and just using an addendum. At least that way you know the only “sketchy” part has to be on the addendum. However, that’s only the purchase contract.

My experience has been that each investor has their own docs and ways of doing things. It’s also been my experience that shelling out money for attorneys to review the docs is a waste of money. That said, I naturally have to suggest your mileage may vary and it’s probably a good idea.

Bill Bronchick and Lou Brown have good forms in their courses. I don’t have any of Brown’s materials, but the approval is universal from everyone with whom I’ve spoken.

Dee Dee,

Bill Bronchick was kind enough to send me the information you need. So, I sent it off to you via e-mail.

The real deal here is to get the Title Company to accept your forms come time for your buyer to re-finance without any hassels.

Figure if the title company will accept your forms then they would be state specific for your purposes.

Talk soon,

John $Cash$ Locke