'I Buy Houses' Signs

I have about 90 or so Bandit Signs that I no longer need. They are yellow with black lettering, say 'I Buy Houses." I would like to get rid of them. If anyone is interested let me know. The only problem is that they have my old 800 number printed on them. It can be taped over and a new number can be written on them tho. I dunno, this may be stupid but otherwise I’m going to throw them away.

i sent you an email on 11/19. hope you got it.

I hope people don’t get the wrong impression when they see a bandit sign with a phone number taped on it. People may think you are stealing other people’s signs and putting your number on them to get the business :biglaugh

Hey man,

If you still have those bandit signs, I will take them. I am in Jersey. I would pay the mailing fee. Call me a bandit for bandit signs. I will tape over them, paint over them. whatever. I usually buy blanks and put my own phrases on them. This is great for anyone who does lease option and uses bandit signs. Rent to own 3 bed 2 bath (with your number on it). I did that one time, I received at least 300 calls. I could never respond to all of them. I still have some call to return.

where could I get a 1 800 number and what is the going rate?

You could probably get a toll free number cheaper from a VOIP service than a traditional landline one. I know Vonage offers them.

what happened to the signs we talked about? i"m still interested.

Anyone interested contact the original poster via PM. Time to close this thread.