I am willing to spend as much money needed for a PROVEN marketing system

Any suggestions?

This is a huge leap of faith. I am a realtor but I want to start investing full time. I am going to transition all of my “realtor” marketing to marketing that’s going to bring me people who NEED TO SELL.

Please, only legitimate systems. I can see right through crumby marketing.

Could you perhaps just explain WHAT you do? Do you mass mail preforeclosure candidates? Do you just put signs out there? Newspaper ads? Cold calls? Where do you spend most of your time marketing your service?


I would run as fast as I could away from being an Agent and get into Real estate investing… A a Realtor and a California Broker I can say with a ton of confidence that you work harder for a lot less money as an agent.

Come to the other side… The GREEN side.

As for marketing I have only been able to come up with 101 strategies on how to get your telephone to ring… there are only two types either sweat marketing or paid marketing. Depending on budget and personality one should be able to jump start their career and do it fast. And we are in a great market.

As for the groups, they’re fairly much the same although our message is completely different.


You should implement an on purpose plan of attack. I am currently delivering my message on multiple fronts in order to capture the highest response rate. I look at marketing a lot like Pepsi and Coke look at their product line.

Anyway hope this helps a little… You asked a very big question and it would take me hours to explain the total marketing program.

Michael Quarles

LMAO! I’ve read through some of your posts Kevin and I agree, to be an investor you have to see things through the eyes of an investor, not an agent anymore. I promise you it’s a whole different world.

I think any CA Agent should consider REO listings. Rather than marketing to the masses, focus on nitch marketing of specific kinds of sellers…the REO sellers. Default Management Companies, servicing companies, and banks all need good agents. The Realtors I know who do this make great money. When they focus on buyers for the REOs the list at the same time they really make a killing!

GooD LucK! :beer

Don’t REO’s have their own “in house agents”?

Also, I am willing to pay to learn how successful investors are marketing their services. Can anybody suggest a SPECIFIC real estate guru that i should follow after?

I am not really attracted to Sub2’s, but I am deifnitely interested in wholesaling or buying/flipping shortsales. Lenders will almost always do 75% of true MV.

Lemme know!


REO’s do have their own agents, but thats not stopping you from puttin in a low ball offer on them… You kinda have to work the REO’s like short sales, if you want good results… Minus the hardship letter and maybe some other minor details… I wouldnt follow any specific Guru, alot of them arent even practicing investors anymore, but most of them have good material… just never all of it. Find something specific that you want to do first… then find a guru… Why are u not attracted to sub2’s? Maybe they are done different in Jersey than VA??

I’m a realtor and its difficult for me to do sub 2’s without feeling like I am shorting them. A sub 2 implies that they have some equity in the house since I would never purchase a property with sub 2 unless the remaining loan amount was considerably less than my purchase price

a better option for any homeowner with some equity would be to sell :confused:


Say you get a call from a guy who tried his hand at landlording and decided that it wasn’t for him. He just had his third eviction on the same house in the last year, he is tired, he wants out. He owes $60,000 on it, it’s easily worth $80,000, but it needs a little work ($5,000 carpet/paint) and he has just had enough. He doesn’t want to screw with listing it with a realtor, just wants OUT!! Would you do a sub 2 on this one?

I’ve flipped for a few years now and have recently started in sub 2/lease options/wholesaling. If you are going in and taking advantage of people then yes, you are trying to “short” people. If you are going in and HELPING people that NEED to get rid of houses to move on with their lives… anything wrong with that? Shoot straight, be honest and upfront about what you are doing.

I don’t know of anyone who has ‘in house’ agents which they only use. Any DMC with nationwide service will more than likely be utilizing an affiliate system of some sort. You as a Realtor can sign up as a Realtor affiliate on these sites and be on a list the DMC chooses from.

As far as working a REO like a short sale… I disagree, they are two completely different kinds of deals with different tricks and different processes. A short sale is the negotiation of a discount on a loan while a REO is a property purchase.

GooD LucK! :beer

Hi, I also am a realtor and would like to move…to the green side!

I think I might be going about it the wrong way. Please, anybody want to share a good marketing piece or script for motivating short sales calls? Please?!

Door-knocking has got me nowhere.

Drive-bys with flyers haven’t worked either…Maybe its my message?

My direct mail dosent seem to be doing the trick either.

At what frequncey and quantity should I be mailing?

My database is ACT

My pitch has basically been, that I’m with this name brand (REMAX) and I can help you out, free of charge (emphasized) tons of experience…blah :banghead


getting the phone to ring is only one aspect of the business cycle…

Lead Generation
Lead Capture
Lead Fulfillment

You can be taught lead generation however without all three you wont know what to do this the calls.

BTW getting the telephone to ring is easy as long as you follow a program…


This is what I’m trying to get my wife to see. I’ve just started though, so the light at the end of the tunnel looks like a tiny spark right now.

Depends on who you’re mailing to. Preforeclosures should probably be hit once a week or more. Any other category at least once a month or so. As long as you’re making repetitive contact. That’s the key.

This sounds like your problem. Trust me, no one cares about that stuff. That type of ad copy absolutely goes right through them. I can assure you that any marketing materials that reads like a Realtor ad will end up right in the garbage pail. Total, complete waste of paper and ink. Sellers are ONLY concerned about what you can do for them, delivered in a way that grabs their attention with a great headline, elicits an emotional response, and an immediate call to action.

Do yourself a massive favor and research “direct response marketing.” A good, cheap crash course in direct response marketing for real estate investors is the Motivated Seller Magnet program. The audios alone are like getting a masters degree in direct response marketing. It’s $197 well spent. disclaimer I have no connection whatsoever with that program other than I bought it and got results.

how do you go about getting expired listings from agents?

it seems like most agents would be perplexed at your need for expired listings.


To get expired listings from an agent you just simply ask for them. Tell them what parameters you’re looking for and they can usually set up an automatic email that sends them to you per your parameters.

Just tell the agent you plan to market to these expired listings and you’ll pay them $1,000, $500, whatever if you make money from the expired listings. They know you’re an investor right? Believe me, they understand why you’re asking for them. If they don’t, or if they give you a hard time about this at ALL, just go to another agent. There are a million out there.

I think you are on the right track.

What most people are lacking when they start an investment business is a system that takes them from start to finish.

There is a lot of theory out there in the marketplace…but not a lot of step-by-step guidance.

WHY? Because most of the folks teaching follow the old adage, “Those who can’t do, TEACH”

Also, try to find a system that allows you to start on the cheap and then progress to more expensive marketing and more expensive systems as you become more successful.

According to MSN…there are over 83 Million sites out there optimizing for the term Real Estate Investing.

Which one do you pick? That is really up to you. Find someone who doesn’t annoy you and your gut feeling says they are not a con artist.

Hope this helps…