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I know you guys have probably answered this a million times, but please indulge me. I am getting a wholesale business off the ground and coming across a lot of great deals in my area. My problem is I don’t quite know how to build a substantial buyers list other than my local REI club. How do I attract buyers??? :banghead

Put an ad in the paper, craigslist, call we buy houses signs.

Craigslist.org willl attract buyers… just word the ad properly
Backpage.com is similar to craigslist but not as much traffic
Get with a local RE agent that understands what you are doing. That will take some interviewing before you find one that gets it.
An Ad in your local “pennysaver” or other type of free paper always attracts action.
Bandit Signs work very well. If you are not into putting them up yourself, use these guys - www.Thesignbandits.com.

Could you give me an example of a properly worded craigslist add?

That would be helpful to me as well. Not trying to get you to do the work for me, just want to be clear on the language.

Just put whatever you think will attract buyers. For example, I wholesaled a house on craigslist that I wanted to market to Landlords. So my add said something like: Investors Look! <$70K for an Austin, TX Rental!

I was hoping to find an example of a craigslist add to use before you have any properties for sale

Placing ads on craigslist is a great way to attract buyers. Be honest and say in your ad that you are looking to build your buyers list and can offer them houses at wholesale prices. Indicate that they should call you for details (unless you have at website to direct them to). If you have a website, list it and your telephone number. You need to repost the ad at least daily if not more often. You might also consider having your vehicle window lettered with a mobile bandit sign to attract motivated sellers. It also works for buyers. They see your sign and either call you or stop you in the parking lot. It’s works for me.

I have found that the best way to find buyers is through advertising good deals.

If you don’t have any deals, I would contact some of the local wholesalers and ask them if you can help them move some of their properties. Then, market the crap out of them, and make sure to get as much information as you can from the people who call on your advertising- ask them what types of discounts they are looking for, what areas they like, what price range, etc. etc.

A lot of wholesalers are having a hard time selling properties right now, and most will welcome the opportunity to have someone else helping them market.

This is a great way to get your feet wet with no risk, and also, to make some extra cashola…

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