I am new at this, and I have some questions?

I am new at this, and I have some questions. Is it possible to find an investor to buy a property, and let us buy it from him on contract? It would be used as a home for us, since our credit isn’t very good after filing bankruptcy, and it will be another 60 days before it is discharged.

Also, we have the business licensed with the state, our liability insurance, and bond taken care of. I have had a few investment companies contact us about getting start up funding through angel investors that would have a silent part of the business. Is this a better option in getting into real estate instead of doing hard money loans that require 3-5% upfront and 1-2% rolled into the backside of the mortgage?

Also, I have heard of wholesaling, but is it the same as doing deals that are A-B and B-C?

Those are my questions, and if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.

Yes, it is possible to find an investor to buy the home you want, then sell it to you. Of course, the investor has to make a profit somehow, so expect the sale price to you to be about 10%-15% higher than he paid and also expect your interest rate to be 2 points higher than what he will be paying.

Contract For Deed terms will usually have a 30 year amortization, but you should expect your loan to have a balloon payment in two to three years.

If you go this route, make sure that your credit posture will let you easily refinance out of your CFD in two years or so.