I am new and need to find a Hard Money Lender, I live in NYC,want to start in CT

My husband and I want to begin Rehabbing, but we don’t have great credit. So we need a hard money lender. I am currently a Real Estate agent and he’s a plumber, so we know how to get the work done. We are in NYC, but we want to start in Conn. Can anyone help us?

Take a look.


Hi Cheryl,

I’m not familiar with Connecticut but if you don’t have success at the link above on REI, you can also locate the local real estate investor clubs in that state or specific city that you are looking in. In my city, there are quite a few of them but many are hard to find through Google, etc. Most of the ones I found were from attending or networking through real estate investor clubs and associations as well as through other investors in town. This can also be good as you can find the best ones that come recommended from fellow investors that have used them in the past…

Hope that helps lead you in the right direction.

Wishing you real estate success…